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Open Call Form

The open call to take part in the fair is open until July 15th. The boxes marked with an asterisk are required.

Valencia Art Book Fair
October 21st, 22nd and 23rd 2022
IVAM Centro Julio González
Guillem de Castro 118, 46003 València

After two years of strong restrictions by the pandemic, we are very happy to celebrate our first 100% face-to-face book fair. However, we will have limited space and we cannot guarantee the presence of all applications at the fair. 🙏
Type of exhibitor (please select the one that represents you the most)
Public programme
The fair will be accompanied by a public program. The program aims to cover a wide range of perspectives related to art books and independent publications. If you are interested in participating in the activity program, answer the questions below.
How you would like to participate in the public programme?
The fair has a participation fee of €40. Recreo is a non-profit cultural association, this donation will be used to cover the management and production costs of the fair.